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Hi everyone its Jailas from JLZ TRENDZ so today I will be doing a unboxing and review of the DOLCE AND GABBANA DAYMASTER trainers Hope you guys enjoy this and don't forget to LIKE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE!! Product descriptions below!!

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Chinese People React to the DOLCE and GABBANA SCANDAL *NEW UPDATES*

A Dolce and Gabbana show in Shanghai China was canceled after LEAKED racist Instagram messages by Stefano Gabbana. WATCH APOLOGY VIDEO UPDATE ►

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This video will outline and explain the whole #DolceandGabbana controversy from beginning to end:
1. The controversial #DG advertisement
2. The "leaked Instagram DMs" by Stefano Gabbana
3. Not Me, it was a hack?
4. "Apology"
5. Aftermath for #Dolce\u0026Gabbana

As a Chinese person, I feel this ad was not only offensive but did not accomplish Stefano Gabbana's goal of "cultural appreciation". I can see that they tried to be humorous...but they're just not funny. However, it wasn't this ad that sparked most of the outrage in China, instead, it was the "Leaked DMs" from @stefanogabbana that showed explicit racist remarks towards the Chinese people. Apparently, his account was hacked, but who knows? I'd just like you to consider this as an opportunity to learn about different cultures and be more welcoming of all cultures. Chopsticks are useful utensils and so are knife and forks and so are your hands. Also Dolce, learn to apology. Often a "sorry" is needed in an apology.
I think this is an opportunity for us to spread love, no matter the culture. Love all cultures. Appreciate all the things that make us unique.

D&G Fall Winter 2001 2002 Milan - Fashion Channel

D\u0026G Fall Winter 2001 2002 Milan - Fashion Channel

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